Unforgettable Impression Mom Chailai River Retreat

    We provide the ever-lasting Thai traditional wedding, completed with religious,
      engaging and wedding ceremony.

  Providing the relishing river cruise engagement process, with the unforgettable environment. 
    A warm Traditional welcome party at the biggest Thai house of Nakorn Pathom. 
  A fulfilling impression with a specially designed decorated Thai house for the unforgettable wedding surprise 
  Honeymoon program at Natural Retreat and Pattaya Retreat Mom Chailai. 
  Ulitmately, this unforgettable experience is provided with a complete service of wedding dresses, invitation cards, souvenirs and photography.

    Once in your Life, Trust us

               Over the past 4 years of creating traditional wedding ceremonies, we have become the elite Thai traditional wedding ceremony organizers. This is because of our extensive location of 30 rai (11.8 acres)close to the tha chien river, therefore we are able to arrange the great river cruise engagement procession. The surroundings are fertile with various unique plants but the most important aspect is "The great Thai house" which is currently the largest Thai house in nakhon Pathom which is where the ceremonial place will be located. All supplies are very rare and antiques to create a magical and eternal divinity, therefore guest who attend this ceremony will pride themselves to a compelling ritual as this experience will be with them forever!




               After the end of the ceremony, we will give the newly weds a honeymoon program option to select, with variety of choice's of the "forest retreat" Kanchanaburi, the "ocean retreat" pattaya, or even the "river retreat" Bang len.
In addition, we provide you with a full serviced wedding process from the wedding dress, invitational card, all the way to our professional photographer.


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